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We have the white!!

White Buffalo is mined predominantly by the Ottesons! We have several claims we work that all produce a similar look. Although often called "White Turquoise", White Buffalo is not Turquoise at all. In fact, its a long way from it. The main mineral is Calcite. But depending on the crystaline structure of the Calcite, it morphs into minerals called Dolomite or Aragonite. With a high silica content, this stuff cuts incredible cabs. It's incredibly striking when set in gold and silver, and makes a GREAT accent to any outfit, of any color!!  Contact us for your supply of White Buffalo!!

A woman’s jewelry collection is considered “Incomplete” if it has no Gold or Silver to top it off with! A woman’s jewelry collection is STILL incomplete if the Gold and Silver that she has is missing the essence of a “White Buffalo”! Let’s face it, there is NOTHING much better than a Gold or Silver topped off with a precious “White Buffalo” stone, and we know that you won’t disagree!

Commonly known as the “White Turquoise,” the “White Buffalo” is everything other than a Turquoise. The fact that it so versatile when it comes to pairing up with almost any outfit you decide to wear, the black and brown inclusions in this precious stone are what makes them the legitimate center of attention! 

We, at the State Silver Turquoise, are aimed at bringing you the FINEST of the Turquoise Jewelry Collection you can get your hands on! With all of our products being the PRIDE of what we put up, the FINEST White Buffalo Jewelry, we have to offer is all that you certainly need! Fit it up in a Gold or Silver ring or top it off as a pendant on your necklace, the elegance it ought to bring to whatever you choose to wear is what makes it a BRILLIANT accent! Giving you the best value for your money, Contact Us right now to get your hands on a piece of jewelry that you would cherish on forever!


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