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Royston turquoise comes from the Royston mining area near Tonopah, Nevada. The Ottesons have been mining turquoise here since Lynn Otteson began mining turquoise in 1958. The Royston turquoise mined here is known world wide for the beautiful colors that range from a baby blue to dark green. Sometimes the colors even run together to create spectacular color contrasts, making Royston turquoise some of the most beautiful turquoise out there.

Parts of the Royston turquoise mines are owned by the Otteson family and have been mined by the family for decades. The stones produced here are the most affordable available. If you are on a tight budget, but still searching for beautiful turquoise, Royston turquoise is the place to start.

The extraction of the Royston Turquoise dates back to the era of the Otteson's! With the traditional methods to mine to the Royston Turquoise opted by the Otteson Mining techniques in the far-fetched areas of Tonopah, Nevada, we at the State Silver Turquoise are a firm believer of carrying on the legacy! There is a reason why the Royston Turquoise is renowned globally for being the MOST BEAUTIFUL precious stones, and why won't it be. After all, the efforts that are put into the Royston Turquoise Mining carry on the Otteson's Legacy with it!

The Royston Turquoise is known for being the most beautiful precious stone for all the right reasons. Ranging from a gorgeous collection of colors varying from Baby Blue to Dark Green, what makes these stones a definite gem to have are the colors that run together, making SPECTACULAR color contrasts to exist naturally! It is for the unique color combinations that the Royston Turquoise is known as the MOST BEAUTIFUL stone you can ever get your hands on!

Not only are they immensely beautiful, but these precious stones are also very affordable. So, if you're on a budget and are STILL planning to stand out sharp, a Royston Turquoise is your ULTIMATE choice to go with!

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