For thousand of years and the world over, turquoise jewelry has been sought for its beauty. In many cultures it is believed to hold mystical powers of healing, protection, and good fortune. Egyptians would wear turquoise beads to ward off death, Persian warriors would wear it for protection in battle, and new age healers use it for its believed healing powers. Whether these beliefs are true or not, one thing is undeniable, the turquoise gem lends its beauty to any who holds it. 

Silver State Turquoise is proud to present this collection of turquoise jewelry, handcrafted from start to finish by Tony Otteson using only the finest turquoise cabochons that we mine ourselves. We have extensive experience creating beautiful jewelry including turquoise earrings, ladies cuff bracelets, turquoise bracelets, and even infant bracelets. We would love to build any piece of jewelry to your specification and welcome opportunities for cuff bracelet design or design of any turquoise jewelry piece. Browse our collection and find the ideal piece of jewelry for that special someone.

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