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Candelaria turquoise comes from the small Candelaria mine in Nevada. It does not produce much stone, and as such the Candelaria turquoise is rare and considered a collectible. If you like this webbed stone, buy it up immediately. Candelaria turquoise is very rare and extremely hard to come by. It is a beautiful webbed stone as pictured below, with the color ranging from a light sea blue to a rich dark blue with varying colors of webbing.

 A woman's fashion cravings are NEVER fulfilled! Not until they're topped off with a piece of jewelry that she can cherish on forever! You can buy her a diamond ring or a platinum necklace, and she'd go haywire. But the potential for a PRICELESS reaction you can get out of her is unimaginable when she gets her hands on the FINEST Candelaria Turquoise Jewelry!

We, at the State Silver Turquoise, are home to the FINEST Candelaria Turquoise Jewelry all over the United States. Being one of the rarest precious stones ever to exist, the handcrafted Candelaria Jewelry we craft are extracted from the Far-Fetched Candelaria Mines in Nevada! The fact that it is so sporadic to find makes a collectible you can cherish on forever! State Silver Turquoise makes it sure that the Candelaria Turquoise you get your hands on is expertly hewed to fit your needs. 

With the colors ranging from "Light Sea Blue" to "Rich Dark Blue," what makes this rare gemstone much rarer is the unique "Webbing" pattern that makes it stand out from the norms! If not for a rare precious stone to compliment your charming personality, we are not sure what else would elevate your already "Sexy" jewelry collection to a much "Sexier" level!


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