Blue Star

Blue Star (formerly known as Widow Maker) is the newest addition to our family. Though we've had the rights to this mine for years, we have only recently been granted access from the BLM to dig. It takes months and months sometimes to get the bonding funds and paperwork completed with the government agencies involved.

This mine (staked as the El Gato claim in the early 50's) lies only a couple miles north west of Apache Blue in the direction of the large Candelaria open pit. This mine is extremely difficult to access. The roads in and out are deadly steep with loose rock, making it even hard to hike in, and so it was named Widow Maker. 

There was very little work done here from the previous owner. Danny Otteson prospected these old claims several times before deciding that the mine needed a closer look. After reading the rock formations and layout of the mineral seams, he decided the "potential" was there for the mineral make up here to produce some very high grade stone.

We took him up on the idea, and just recently moved the equipment in to begain exploring. And it didnt take long for Danny's intuition to pay off. Within just a few feet of the surface, we found some amazing spider web turquoise resembling both Candelaria and Apache Blue. Beautiful colors of host rock with deep blue and even some green turquoise. The spider web is amazing and the turquoise is extremely hard. 

Here is a sample piece taken from near surface. Notice the deep maroon host rock and deep blue turquoise. This piece is only just to illustrate what this mine is going to produce. We are also finding black web in a black host rock, black web in a red host rock, and red web in several colors of host rock. And we have found some killer green turquoise with red/gold matrix reminiscent of some high grade Roysyton turquoise.


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