Apache Blue


Just a few years ago, Apache Blue was a small start up mine with lots of potential. The mine is located around 7 miles west of the Candelaria open pit mine in Nevada. The Apache turquoise being produced here is an absolutely beautiful blue stone with eye popping black or red web matrix. This high quality Apache turquoise is very rare and hard to find, even in this mine, but it's what every turquoise miner is searching for.


The Apache turquoise cabochons featured below are exemplar of the beautiful stones found in this mine, displaying beautiful brown and black webbing matrix.



Pictured below is Tom Otteson, Co-owner, standing in the Apache Blue main pit in Feb, 2012


The stones below are a close up of the bead size stones and inlay rock we sale from this mine. These stones have been tumbled to a polish in a sonic tumbler.


Turquoise from this mine must first be screened into a washing plant to grind away the host rock from the nuggets. After an hour or so, the nuggets begin to show inside the mixer. From there, the rock is rinsed clean and sorted to remove the turquoise nuggets.


And this is the PRIZE!!



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