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About Us

Welcome to Silver State Turquoise! We are committed to offering you the highest quality natural turquoise and beautiful handcrafted silver and turquoise jewelry. To do this, we have eliminated the middle man by owning and operating our own mines, mining the turquoise, polishing it ourselves, and crafting our own jewelry. And we have a lot of experience. Our family is legendary in the turquoise business and we have been mining turquoise since we were kids. 

Silver State Turquoise was formed as a family owned and operated business. There are four of us, Tony, Trenton, Tom, and Danny. We founded our business in January of 2001 and have been doing business with turquoise jewelers all over the world. We offer high quality turquoise cabochons from several turquoise Nevada mines including Candelaria, Cheyenne, and Lone Mountain. We also have a very talented jewelry maker, Tony Otteson, that hand crafts all the jewelry we display. He is also willing to create any custom orders or modify some pieces. Let us know what we can do for you. Thanks you for visiting and we hope to see you again soon!