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Mines for Sale

This is the page we will list any mines for sale. As we own and operate several mines, we also prospect for new opportunities on a regular basis. We will often come across great mines or great potential and determine if it is feasable to mine along side our other active mines. Many times, and more often than not, the new mines or some active ones that we work are just too difficult for us to mine due to distance from our main claims. We spend nearly all of our time in the Candelaria hills 70 miles north of Tonopah Nv. One of our active claims that we ocasionally work is the Cheyenne mine, roughly 20 miles north of Tonopah.

This mine has huge potential, and is already a great steady money maker. Stone from this mine has been set by some of the top artists in the world including this Darryl Dean Begay piece below.


Cheyenne is primarily a nugget mine, and produces almost every color of turquoise in the book. We maintain a price range from this mine from $.50/ct for the lower end to over $20/ct for the more rare spiderweb blues and greens. We are concidering selling this mine as its distance from our other active mines is over an hour away, making it unlikely that we will be able to operate it with any real conviction. Our price is firm at $45,000, and we are more than willing to give you the tour and let you operate it for a weekend to see for yourself. There is over $45,000 of stone in the pile we have already mined and screened thats waiting to be washed, and thats not to mention the years of mining you can do to chase the stone into the mountain. 

This is a 20 acre claim, 1500' by 600' wide. Upon sale and approval of funds, all mining deeds would be transfered to you, and you will obtain ownership at that time. We enjoy teaching the process of mining to everyone, so even if this is something you aren't familiar with, we will teach you everything you need to know, including where to go with your finished stone. Please give us a call or an email if you have any questions.